PALAFANG Hualien Art Festival

Palafang是阿美族語「來做客、去拜訪」之意,客人帶著思念的心來拜訪;主人以誠心款待,珍惜每次真實相處的機會深刻交流。跳浪則是地名也是一種生活方式,早期台11線尚未開通,東海岸的人們往來需沿海岸計算好浪的節奏,在礁岩之間跳躍朝目的前進。兩者皆具「回家」的美麗意涵。本藝術節以『創造你與花蓮的新關係』為核心任務,透過主題展「後花蓮八景」以及藝文串連平台活動: 「8個浪展區」(市區藝文空間與特展)及「浪㳸𤂍30朵」(花蓮藝文空間與店家) ,為在地花蓮人與旅客提供看見花蓮的獨特角度。



Palafang” means “to visit” in Pangcah. Visitors come with a sense of yearning while the hosts offer sincere hospitality, and each visit is cherished as an opportunity for exchange. “Tiaolang” (which means “jumping around the waves”) is the informal name of an area south of Yanliao Harbor in Hualien but also implies a way of life. Before Highway 11 was built, people here had to time the waves and run and jump around them to make their way among the reef rocks up and down the coast. Both meanings of the word imply the idea of returning home. The main focus of the art festival is to build a new relationship between you and Hualien. Through the main exhibition, New Perspectives of Hualien’s Landscape, along with 8 Waves (a group of eight satellite exhibits in art/culture shops downtown) and 30 Waves (a group of 30 satellite exhibits in art/culture shops in Hualien), locals and visitors are shown Hualien county from unique perspectives.


Artists express Hualien as they see it and feel it at the main venue, and life experiences with Hualien are on display at the satellite exhibits. For those just visiting as well as those who have either stayed in or returned to their hometown of Hualien, the festival can connect them to each other’s feelings for Hualien, and each such connection and exchange rolls like a group of waves within the new tide of Hualien’s contemporary aesthetic.